Current Trends in the Swiss IT Job Market [2023]

We present you the "Transparent IT Job Market Report 2023 Switzerland" by which provides several insights into the trends and state of the Swiss IT job market. Here are some key trends in the Swiss IT job market in 2023:


The "Transparent IT Job Market Report 2023 Switzerland" by has analysed data from more than 3300 of job offers on the platform and surveyed IT specialists on our social media channels with over 24'000 active followers (leading to over 11'000 responses).

Salaries in the Tech Industry in Switzerland

  • Salaries are stagnating: Compared to 2022, the average salary for a software developer in Switzerland only increased by ca 1% from 105'000 to 106'000 CHF/year.
  • Most and least attractive tech roles in Switzerland: Security, SAP and Data Science/AI related jobs yield the highest salaries; while PHP, Ruby and Python related jobs yield the lowest average salaries. These findings are in line with the 2022 report.
  • Geographic differences: Zurich, Zug and Bern have the highest average salaries, while Lugano, Schaffhausen and Chur have lower average salaries. These findings are in line with the 2022 report.

AI Tools at the Workplace

  • AI Tools are arriving: AI tools are becoming more common in the workplace, positively impacting daily productivity, with potential for wider adoption. 58% of survey respondents are already using AI tools in their work and also deem them useful for their productivity.
  • But AI is not replacing jobs: 85% of candidates responded 'No' when asked: Do you think AI will be able to take over your job in the next 5 years?

Recruitment Practices

  • Salary, remote work possibility, interest in a project are the most important reason when finding a new job.
  • Who candidates trust when looking for a new job in Swiss tech: When choosing a new job, candidates trust their friends and networking, job boards and recruiters.
  • A low salary and poor management rank by far as the most relevant reasons for quitting a job.
  • Relocation leads to satisfaction at work: Over 2/3 (69%) of Candidates are happy that they relocated for a job.
  • Recruiting mistakes by companies: Candidates complain about the lack of feedback by companies and missing salary information during the recruitment process are hindering their success in the market. Also, process-wise, candidates do not like it if a recruitment process takes long or has more than 5 stages.

Remote Work

  • Flexibility and Full Remote Work Options: A significant portion of employees have the flexibility to work remotely. 93% of employees can work remotely at least one day a week, and 49% have the option to work fully remote (5 days a week).

  • Reasons for Choosing Remote Work: Flexibility of location and the absence of a commute are among the main reasons why people choose remote work. However, remote work also leads to a sense of disconnection from co-workers in almost half of the employees.

  • Impact on Job Appeal: When looking for new job opportunities, the possibility of remote work has become a key factor for job seekers, along with salary considerations. Remote jobs get 80% more applicants than non-remote jobs.

  • Changes in the Work Environment: Some professionals believe that the world of work in the IT field has changed significantly in the last two to three years, possibly due to the pandemic, with many companies now allowing 100% remote work, or using AI-supported development tools.

Hiring Challenges

  • Challenges in Hiring: The tech job market is described as "dry," with professional and senior candidates being particularly hard to find. Companies are using digital strategies, internal referral programs, university relationships to recruit talent. For senior talent, we recommend working with tech recruiting agencies like us. If you are interested to learn more, let us know.

  • International Appeal: There’s a sentiment that Switzerland is no longer the international hub where companies can easily find top-notch talent. The requirements for landing a job have increased, making the job search journey longer and more challenging for some candidates, especially if they are not EU passport holders.


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