Why you should join Zurich's largest AI Conference: 6 Takeaways from the AI+X Summit [2022]

What is the AI+X Summit?

The annual AI+X Summit is the highlight of the AI+X event series that explores the impact of AI on various fields of society in an interdisciplinary approach. The conference is organized by the ETH AI Center and took place for the second time on Oct 14th, 2022. It attracted well over 2'000 visitors and is a unique opportunity to connect with top researchers, industry experts, and founders in ML/AI.

Facilitating the exchange, the AI+X Summit sparks collaboration across disciplines and advances technology transfer between academia and the business world. Attendees can benefit from inspiring talks from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers, discover groundbreaking AI startups, explore the latest research highlights, and meet our corporate and ecosystem partners. There were also 16 workshops available to ideate about AI's future and determine what role each individual could play in the respective scenarios.

Companies presenting at AI+X Summit 2022

The AI+X Summit is a great opportunity to network with the industry. Our highlights included the Microsoft booths that demoed Azure use cases and Magic Leap, where you could try out the recently released ML2 headset. We also very much enjoyed the computer-vision-enhanced gym that Nautilus demoed. Other corporates that had booths at the Summit included LatticeFlow, Companjon, Lakestar, Nautilus, Viseca, Huawei, D-One, Unique, Modulos, Walden Catalyst, Markant, EY, Wenger Vieli, and Witty Works.

Corporate Partners of the ETH AI Center

ETH AI Center Corporate Partner

In addition to corporate, also many startups demonstrated their tech at the AI+X Summit. We very much enjoyed the demo by Aegis Rider: A mixed reality enhanced motorcycle helmet that integrates navigation and safety features into a rider's field of view. Similarly impressive, Latticeflow demonstrated its capabilities of safeguarding AI. Other startups included Ethon AI, Robin, Kaiko, VU Engineering, Syntheticus, AI Retailer Systems, DeepJudge.

Affiliated Startups

ETH AI Center Affiliated Startups

Finally, the Summit also brings together important ecosystem partners that make Zurich the tech hot spot that it is today. If you are interested in AI and want to network with like-minded colleagues in the field, these organizations might be relevant for you: The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ellis), databooster, Cyber Valley, Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC), the Center for Augmented Computational Design in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, the Max Planck Institute, the Quantum Center, the Data Innovation Alliance and the Greater Zurich Area.

ETH AI Center Ecosystem Partner

ETH AI Center Ecosystem Partner

Reserve your ticket early

Like in 2021, the AI+X Summit was sold-out again. Despite doubling in size, demand was once again higher than the supply of tickets. If you would like to participate in 2023, we recommend you get your ticket early.  Subscribe to the ETH AI Center newsletter to be informed first when tickets become available for the 2023 edition of the AI+X Summit.

Food & beverages 

Feeling hungry at the Summit? No problem. This year, the Summit had a variety of food trucks to choose from. The best part: For your paid ticket, you also received a voucher for a free meal with your ticket.

Feeling thirsty? No problem, as the Summit offers several occasions to refresh. Our recommendation would be the booth of Walder Wyss. Their pavilion contained an open bar and represented one of the best spots for networking ;). Thanks again, Walder Wyss!

Rockstar Recruiting @ AI+X Summit

For the second time, the Rockstar Recruiting Team had a booth at the AI+X Summit to scout AI talent and to build new connections with companies interested in tech recruiting. 

Rockstar Team at the AI+X Summit

Next to having a booth, we also got the chance to meet some of our candidates and customers at the AI+X Summit. The ETH AI Center's AI+X Summit is an excellent place to recruit tech talent. It brings together researchers, students, industry experts, founders, and the wider AI community, providing a great opportunity for employers to connect with skilled individuals in the field of AI and ML. 

Rockstar Team at the AI+X Summit

Moreover, we got the chance to witness the inCube final on the main stage. The InCube Competition by the ETH Entrepreneur Club in Zurich is an annual business plan competition that encourages students to develop innovative business concepts and launch startups. Participants are given the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts and receive feedback, as well as the chance to win a cash prize of up to CHF 10,000 and other awards. The competition is open to all ETH Zurich students, alumni, and participants from other Swiss universities. This makes it also an interesting event for tech recruiters since the talent's skills are displayed in a unique way.

Our Take-aways

The ETH AI Center's AI+X Summit is the perfect opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI and ML and meet like-minded people. It promises to be an unforgettable experience, so don't miss out on next year's edition!

Here are our main take-away's from AI+X Summit & six reasons, why you should join!

  1. Try out innovative ML/AI demos, like Aegis Rider and Magic Leap 2.
  2. Witness late-breaking research as the ETH AI Center researchers present their latest studies and breakthroughs in the poster session.
  3. Join the 16 ML/AI Workshops which are included in your ticket: In total, 16 workshops, with topics varying from AI in Venture Capital to AI for Humanitarian Assistance and Peacekeeping.
  4. Network, network, network: 2000+ participants, ranging from traditional corporates to startups. The interest in a physical gathering of the community presented a great post-Covid opportunity.
  5. Recruiting tech talent: many students and graduates attend the AI+X Summit, making it a great place to meet the next generation of ML/AI developers.
  6. Reserve your ticket early & stay tuned for next year's AI+X Summit: Subscribe to the ETH AI Center newsletter to be informed first when tickets become available.

See you @ AI+X Summit 2023!


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