Rockstar Recruiting wins Innovation Booster Grant

Rockstar Recruiting AG has won a research grant in the "Databooster" competition for its project "Unbiased CV Check." The project aims to develop a candidate-oriented front-end in collaboration with that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help candidates update and redesign their CV documents. The project is realised together with Amir Joudaki and David Yenicelik who are both AI researchers at ETH Zurich and also have worked on software projects in the recruitment industry before.

The European job market is facing significant challenges, with a labor shortage in some industries and high unemployment in others. Recruiting the right talent has become a major issue for small and medium-sized enterprises, and biased recruiting practices often prevent diverse candidates from getting relevant job positions. Rockstar Recruiting AG believes that AI-based innovations can help overcome these challenges.

The Unbiased CV Check project will develop and test several AI-based components. First, it will offer candidates an AI-assisted service for improving their CVs. Second, it will use a new AI-based matching engine that leverages natural language processing models to match candidates' CVs with relevant job opportunities, allowing candidates to opt in to only engage with relevant companies and recruiters. Third, recruiters will benefit from an AI-based matching architecture that helps them quickly identify relevant candidates. Finally, all of these AI innovations will be designed to be bias-free, meaning that they will not match candidates to positions based on factors such as gender, age, origin, or visual appearance.

Rockstar Recruiting AG will collaborate with researchers at ETH Zurich on the project. It is expected to help both candidates and recruiters find more relevant job opportunities and improve the efficiency of the job market.

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