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Founded in 2021 in Bucharest, Romania, is a recruiting marketplace that allows independent recruiting agencies and self-employed recruiters to collaborate with each other. We from Rockstar Recruiting like Talentroom's vision of connecting talents and recruiters - and here are a few reasons why we are partnering up & believe this is a great move for our candidates and clients:

Great founder story
After having disrupted the antivirus and food delivery industry, startup veteran Oliver Auerbach and his team have now focussed on disrupting the recruiting industry by connecting a marketplace of independent recruiters.

Talentroom Web App

Complementary strengths
Having two offices in Berlin and Zurich, we at Rockstar Recruiting are very much focused on our talents and companies here in Switzerland and Germany. Still, many great talents from other regions might be curious to hear more about fascinating tech positions, but might not yet have met us just yet. With, we hope to meet new companies and candidates from other regions of the world as well. Their network is great across North America and Europe, so candidates and clients across the world can now also engage with Rockstar Recruiting.

Candidates win
Our candidates who are currently looking for new positions in tech can now decide to opt-in to share their profiles anonymously via internationally. This will increase the number of inbound requests and we from Rockstar Recruiting moderate these to only prioritize relevant offers in order to maximize the chances of our candidates to score their dream job in tech.

Talentroom: Anonymous Recruitment

If you are a candidate with us and you are interested in leveraging Talentroom for your job search, sign up & let your candidate manager know. We like the privacy-preserving view via which international recruiters can then discover your profile. There won't be any of these annoying recruiter messages in your inbox, as Rockstar Recruiting will take care of the inbound requests for your profile & only present you with high-quality options that reach us via

Companies win
Recruiters are match-makers of talents and jobs. Sometimes, for rare skill sets, it might happen that even Rockstar Recruiting might not find sufficiently many top-qualified candidates. Via, we plan to extend our search radius internationally to help our clients to find the best available talent at each point in time.

We look forward to this new partnership & wish our friends from lots of success in matching candidates and recruiters around the world!

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