How to Write the Perfect Resume / CV

Are you a tech talent on the hunt for your next career move? One of the most important steps in the job search process is crafting an impressive resume that will help you stand out from other candidates - and get you past the desk rejection.

Today, we from Rockstar Recruiting AG ( give you tips and tricks for writing a winning resume that will get you noticed by top-notch tech companies in Switzerland, Germany - and beyond. 

What we share with our candidates 

The best structure 

With our candidates, we share the template "Bare Bone" from Why so? Because we think it is by far the best structure out there. 

1) We suggest to not use the "Bare Bone" template directly, but to use it as an example for structure when writing one's own CV. We recommend working with a simple MS Word file, black on white, one column etc. 

It's going to be so simple and easy to edit, later on. 

2) Then, for describing the individual job experiences, we recommend the STAR-Methodology and to use bullet points. 

1st bullet point (Situation) = What does the company do and what is the project you're working on? 
2nd bullet point (Task) = What are the concrete tasks at hand? 
3rd bullet point (Action) = What exactly do you do at your everyday's work? 
4th bullet point (Result) = What is/was the result, achievement, the product, etc.? 
5th bullet point = + Add Tech Stack used at the bottom. 

♻️ Repeat for each job, if necessary. Use the STAR-Methodology at least for the most important ones. 

This leads to fantastic, comprehensive descriptions of your individual job stations - rich in relevant content - and makes the reader really understand what you did in your jobs. 

3) For the summary on top, we advise our candidates to use 3-4 simple sentences and - in best case - also in bullet point format. We call them «statements». Principle: Hard Skills always beat assertions.

Here's an example (hard skill): 
"5+ years of commercial experience in C++ development for high frequency trading systems."

Instead of (assertion): 
"I am motivated, highly organized and self-driven."

4) Put today's date in the name of the file. This way, everyone can see at a glance on what date the CV's been created or edited. 

5) Use established units of comparison for your skills. For spoken languages, there are six levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) according to the CEFR scale. They are grouped into three broader levels: A1-A2 (Basic User), B1-B2 (Independent User), and C1-C2 (Proficient User). If you are a native speaker, you can use 'native' or 'mother tongue' instead of C2.

6) List your hard skills / tech skills / certifications towards the end of the CV. You can use the Stackoverflow template for inspiration.

Star Method

Resume calibration - do it like Napoleon! 

Napoleon never went into battle twice with the exact same army formation. He always adapted it to the territory. Do it like Napoleon! Always calibrate your CV to the job you're applying for and highlight the exact competencies needed. 

Napoleon Method for CVs

Get feedback on your CV by a professional recruiter or a friend

We recommend you to get feedback on your CV from somebody who is experienced with the matter, e.g. a recruiter. Feedback from them might help you spot typos or improvement potentials which you have not (yet) identified.

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In conclusion, crafting a winning CV is crucial to landing your next tech job. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to standing out from the competition and getting noticed by top-notch companies. Good luck on your job search! And if you're looking for a recruiter that can help you find the perfect tech job, look no further than Rockstar Recruiting AG. We're here to help you boost your tech career.

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