How our values guide us on our mission to boost your tech career

Are you a programmer or tech talent on the hunt for your next career move? Look no further than Rockstar Recruiting AG! Our company operates and we specialize in connecting exceptional tech experts with top-notch companies in Switzerland, Germany, and remote locations. Whether you're active in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Blockchain, or Software Engineering in general, we're the tech recruiter you've been searching for.

At Rockstar Recruiting AG, we take our mission seriously. We're driven by a set of values that guide us in our everyday decision-making. Let's take a closer look at what those values mean for you as a candidate.

We are personal 🫶

Value: We are personalWe believe that personal connections are the foundation for success. We take the time to get to know our candidates as individuals, not just as a set of technical skills. This personalized approach ensures that we can make the best possible match between you and your future employer.

We are sustainable  🌱

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We're invested in building long-term relationships with our candidates, companies, and the planet. This means that we strive to make connections that will benefit everyone involved in the long run. As we define sustainability not only via our long-term relations with candidates and companies, but also for our environment, we commit to being a carbon-neutral company ourselves and also offer discounts for sustainability-related and carbon-neutral companies.

Quality rather than quantity  ✨

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We're not interested in making quick matches or filling positions just to check them off a list. Instead, we focus on quality over quantity in everything we do, ensuring that both our candidates and clients are happy with the end result. For example, we listen to our community and open doors where candidates experience a great work environment and are happy to stay long-term. In your upcoming job hunt with us, you can be assured that all the positions and projects that we present to you have been vetted by us to ensure a high quality in terms of tech stack, compensation and work environment.

We are one team 🙏

Value: Team orientedWe believe in collaborating at eye-level with our colleagues, clients, and candidates. We're all in this together, and we believe that the best results come from working as a team.

We are authentic 🗣️

Value: Authenticity

Being authentic is another value that we want us to set us apart from other recruiters. We live in a no-bullshit culture, which means that we communicate feedback honestly and authentically. You'll always know where you stand with us, and we believe that this kind of transparency is crucial in building trust and strong relationships.

We deliver valuable results 🎯

Value: Value-driven

We go the extra mile to deliver the best possible value to our customers and candidates. We're not interested in cutting corners or taking shortcuts; instead, we're committed to delivering the highest quality service and making sure that everyone involved benefits from the relationship. When you decide to work with us on your next career step in tech, we promise you to deliver you the best offer possible & that we will give our best to streamline all processes so that reaching your dream job with us will a smooth journey.

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Jane Zurbrügg

Community Manager

I am currently finishing my Master in Business and Law at the University of St: Gallen. Having previously worked for ETH Zurich’s AI Center sparked my interest in tech and event management, which I can combine very well in Rockstar’s Event’s & Community Team.